Shubhashish Mandal

I smile, I cry... I play, I fight... I love, I hate... I believe, I hope... I try, I fail... I walk, I don't stop.

I am a person who wants lots from this only life. And I have always got whatever I wanted in short run though in long run I have been always accompanied by solitude. Though I never complained anything to life because I believe the good is yet to come. And I am not waiting for what is yet to come but live each moment of everyday life and gain experience which is hard to earn. I believe in honesty but too much of honesty has made some of my relationships worse. I never manipulate anybody even if someone does wrong because I believe making mistakes is the only way of learning. But, I think we must learn from the mistakes of others, which is being wise. Every morning, I wake up with a dream, but I never keep the dream by my side throughout the day. I don't try but my dream is still the one and one very day I will wake up from my futile slumber.