Shubhnish Sharma

Well if i talk about myself as a Person: I am having a type of Jolly Nature who believes in spreading Happiness always...

I am popular among my friends as a Helping and Fun Loving guy who is always there for any task...

As a Student: I Like Reading & Learning and the one who like to Explore more Beneath the Written Words and Like to See THINGS IN ACTION >><<

As a Professional: I am very Passionate about my Tasks and would like to remain committed to it till i am Satisfied till end..

I always a Believer of Perfectionism and is very well Reflected in all of my works from School To College.

I BELIEVE IN TEAMWORK and Knows how to Exploit the Best from Anyone as Everybody have Potential to DO!!

And Lastly my Mantra for Life is- "BE TRUE TO YOURSELF" Means if You Know you are doing Correct than Forget about What others will Say..

Thanks for Visiting My Page.. :)

  • Education
    • MBA,BCA