Shubhangi Chandra

Personal Stylist in London, United Kingdom

Shubhangi Chandra

Personal Stylist in London, United Kingdom

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SHUBI | London Personal Stylist for Women |

I’m a Personal Stylist, founder of Effortless Allure where I share practical styling advice to help real women feel more confident, look put-together and stylish, and do so effortlessly.

My approach is not only about trends, but to understand your personality and help you look incredibly good and have a style that is timeless yet relevant in time.

I am not about buying the most expensive brands, but to find the up and coming good quality products that help you look the part and use as much as possible from your existing wardrobe.

So, if you know someone ambitious with goals to reach the moon – I can take one big headache away – which is to look good effortlessly.

My current clients include businesswomen, leading corporate leaders, women in the midst of changing careers and some who simply want to take their style o the next level for increased self-confidence.

I cover Central London and surrounding areas, for private consultations.

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  • Education
    • Bachelor & Master in Fashion Business and Textiles
    • Sydney, Australia