Shahad AL-Khalifah


I'm Shahad, I'm pleased to write a little bit about myself here.

I was born on the February 13, 1993. I have a twin that looks just like me, but people will differentiate between us if they talk with us more than once because our personalities are so different.

I'm a workaholic. When "I work" it means I really work, because I take working very seriously. This includes things like projects, parties, etc.

I'm a swimmer: Swimming is one of my favorite hobbies. I enjoy this activity very much. Also, our prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, recommended swimming to us.

I'm an artist: I draw pictures and anime cartoons. Sometimes I can draw real people. I'm also good at copying by drawing.

I'm a singer: Fortunately I can sing in different few languages. I'm professional at Arabic and English songs. I also sing in Japanese and Italian but not very good because it takes time to learn the language in the beginning.

I'm a dancer: I started to dance "A hip hop dance" then I stopped. My reasons are that it's hard for bodies and sometimes it aches my body parts. But I can dance "Gulf and DJs dance". I have not learned yet how to dance Oriental dances.

I am educated: I hate being uneducated and I love reading some scientific and health articles. When ask myself a question, I look immediately on the Internet and try to find the answer.

I'm a nerd: I don't like studying but no one wants to be an illiterate. My friends call me that because I study hard during the exams and I am the one who cares a lot about my grades and I also usually get high marks.

I'm a maker of movies: I make movies by the "Movies Maker" program, which is so easy. I don't like it and I'm not professional at movies although people love my videos. I'm trying to make them more tempting by downloading different programs.

I love all people around me and I take responsibility. I'm always responsible about everything and always take a lot of responsibility even though I have a twin and she is as old as me

My nicknames are Shudi and " The Queen Of The Honey ". You can all me whatever you want, except SHOSHO (I hate this nickname).