Shu ya Huo

San Fransisco Bay Area

Retired since 2010. Shu Ya Huo is an inventor with portfolio of US patents granted and pending, also a (web) business researcher and developer. He first came to the US from China in 1988. After obtained a MBA degree, he worked as product manager for US telecom companies, led the development of innovative int'l call products and network/market expansion. Later, he contracted with large US telecom, cable, satellite companies (AT&T, Comcast and Dish) to sell/market rich media service to individual/group customers. He consulted and built rich media websites for clients in US and abroad. Also, He brokered bilateral trade telecom deals between companies of US and greater China area. He has a BS degrees from China.

He is an US citizen, age 58, has a daughter and two granddaughters.

Currently, seeking seed investment for ground zero startup venture.