Shuja Siddiqui

Born at Karachi Pakistan, start playing guitars and singing when i was 14 years old, in 1995 join Band
Iris as a lead vocalist with Zak Patel, Participate in Pro Audio show which was arranged by Mr.Zohaib Hassan and get position in top 3 bands of Karachi, Dhun was the first song appeared at Pepsi top of the pops Music charts, after that appeared in Agar Pyar song on air in different TV Shows like VJ and
VCD and that song get good recognition.

Finish my Graduation (BCS) in 2001, after that engaged in a IT Jobs at different places leave to UK in 2003 for higher studies, from where i done my MBA from London Business Academy, majors was Marketing in 2006.

Currently he is member of youth Parliament, Karachi chamber of commerce.