Conny Peto Denes

Consultation in POREC – ISTRIA – CROATIA in live, or via Skype!

I'm transpersonal psychologist, sexologist, natural and quantum medicine therapist (aromatherapy, homeopathy, Bach flower therapy, bioresonance therapy, psycho-neuro-immunology), light-worker, theta healer, Jyotish (astrological) consultant, dance therapist for women and girls and sacred bellydance artist.

I dedicate my life to helping and healing people, in my own way.

I work with different kind of psychosomatic problems:

immunodeficiency, autoimmune diseases, hormonal disbalance, metabolic disbalance, allergies, food intolerance, asthma and bronchitis, minor cardiovascular illnesses, indigestion, migraine and headache, cysts and tumors, stress and traumas of various orign, fatigue and insomnia, tension and irritability, fears and depression, emotional difficulties, relationship-sexual problems, lack of self-confidence, lack of concentration.

If you're looking for life meaning, fighting with stress and fears, having insomnia, if you're depressed, indecisive, unhappy, with low self-esteem, if you have trouble love affairs and sexual relations, tired of everything, if you are a victim of violence, faced with traumatic events, life crises or disease.... please do not hesitate to contact me, and send me e-mail!

There is always a solution which we will find it together, in a pleasant atmosphere, with complete discretion, and with absolute adjustment to your schedule!

If you feel you are doing everything to change your life and despite what you have done certain life situations are repeating over and over again.

If you are not satisfied with your health or quality of life,

If you want to help yourself but don't know how,

Please contact me with confidence!