Shulamit Glaubach MD

Child, Adolescent, Adult & Forensic Psychiatrist in San Francisco, California

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Shulamit Glaubach, MD, has practiced as a psychiatrist in San Francisco, California, for the past five years. Beginning her career as a psychiatrist in Washington State on the competency ward of the legal offender unit at Western State Hospital, Dr. Glaubach soon relocated to Seattle, Washington, taking a psychiatrist position with the Seattle Children’s Home. After one year in Seattle, she established her own private practice, which she maintained until her move to San Francisco. From 1999 to 2000, she additionally served as psychiatrist with Catholic Community Services of Western Washington in Seattle.

In the Mount Sinai School of Medicine’s doctoral program, Shulamit Glaubach, MD, completed clerkships in psychiatry and community medicine prior to graduation in 1990. She was involved in several research projects, including one at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel on the effects of physical stress on the immune system. Additionally, Shulamit Glaubach, MD, undertook an internal medicine training program at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Mount Zion Medical Center. She next completed a general adult psychiatry residency at Yale University, followed by fellowships at Cornell University in child and adolescent psychiatry, and at New York University (NYU) in forensic psychiatry.

Dr. Glaubach’s publications in her field include “Positive Mind Over Negative Matter,” for the 2002 American Breast Cancer Guide. She has also had “Developmental Factors of Violence” published as a chapter in the book Medical Management of the Violent Patient. Shulamit Glaubach, MD, has done volunteer work at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center’s pediatric ward, and she has taught Hebrew and religious studies classes at Temple Shaaray Tefila Religious School in New York.

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