Nia Shuler

#1 thing: I am a complete and total audiophile and a helpless bibliophile. Am physically living in the Bronx but mentally, lost in internal thought. Captain of middle school step team and rising vocal major at Fordham High School for the Arts, I am striving for an advanced regents diploma with honors but completely confused about what to do in life. Absolute nocternal nerd (talk nerdy to me ;)), who loves manga, anime, vampires, all things super natural, and singing. I have a creative imagination that likes to bombard me with random, deep, and sometimes incredibly sad scenarios at the worst possible times. There IS a person living in my head ( no i am not crazy) (<<i just lied) and she is nameless and happy to remain so. (^.^)

I love photography, but hate being photographed, and am in love with poetry, creative writing, and musical theatre. Despite my above..."unusual"... tendincies, i am actually very serious about my future and my education. I love to learn and if you'd like to know more about me, contact me at one of the links below:) bye.