shumane bailey

Abq NM

my name is shumane bailey. you are already judging me because i have chosen not to capitalize anything but f you. you dont know me. maybe my pinkie is broken. did you even think about that before you started judging me? im not the one sitting in my underwear on my bed reading this.... wait a minute. okay. so maybe i dont wear pants as often as i should. it doesnt make me a horrible person. besides, the sign said no shoes, no shirt, no service... they didnt say anything about pants. besides my life only requires pants for 20% of my day and thats all im willing to succumb to. enough about me not wearing pants though... i like cartoons, bowls of cereal, video games, making bomb sandwiches, music, not wearing pants, comic books and graphic novels, reading, cooking, ridiculously dumb horror films, building robots, designing fabric and, my kids. yeah my kids are pretty awesome so I consider them a past time. also, i collect t shirts... i collect t shirts the way some chick collect shoes... im willing to bet good money that my t shirt collection can kick your t shirt collections ass. obviously im a well rounded individual. this means im a muhfuggin goddess and much like the wu-tang clan, aint nuthin to fuck with, unless you like sitting around in your underwear too... but yes I do have a serious side, a soft side if you will. but for the most part im silly, i choose laughter in the face of sorrows and so far that has served me well in this life. I believe that love is blind because it cannot be seen. it can only be felt deep within. and I believe that if we are lucky enough we will all discover our purpose in this world, becuase no matter how big or small we all have a purpose on this planet. what we chose to do once we discover it is on us. "i wanna say something. i'm gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don't, send it right back. i want to be on you..."

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    • degree in culinary arts
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    • degree in child psychology