Shuvo Roy

This is sHuVo rOy..!! read out U'll Knw abt me

Name: Shuvo Roy

Birthday: 8th December

Born in: "in a hospital delivery room" in Chittagong.

Height: 6'

Shoe size: 43

Studied at:
#East Battali Govt. Primary School (up to clss 5)
#S.M.Aowlia High School (up to clss 6)
#Chittagong Municipal Model High School (up to ssc)
#College : Chittagong Metropolitan Commerce College
#University : National University (Dhaka City College)

My Life :

I'm an Entertainer… Its Not Something I Invented, my Friends and Foes Think Dis Way. My Friends Love My Company to Death CZ I Can Entertain Them Even Standing at a Funeral. Some of Them Even Get Inspired on Life Just to See Me Act, But Entertainment Doesn't Always Come Without Adversity and thats Why I Make So Many Foes as Well

# Food: a gravy dish of 'Chicken with curry' my Maa cooks !

# Drink: Mirinda

# Fave Cartoon : 'Tom & jerry'

# Author(s): Rabindranath Tagore

# Ultimate Aphrodisiac: A good cinema & a good workout in the gym.

# Holiday destination: My hometown


'There is no such thing as Talent.People fit in the right subject, right character, right place, right time and in a right state of mind.'

'Situations are never difficult. It is da worry we have about how to deal with them, which makes it look difficult !!!'

#My style: I constantly change my look, yet I think the uncombed gelled look is a great fashion statement.

#Who matters the most to My lyf : My Maa..

# Others:

I'm a cinemawholic...big time !!!

I'm a last minute guy..always doing things at da last moment !!!

I love traveling

I like to workout everyday! For about an hour to and hour and a half.

I don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs. I think there are cooler ways to die.

I am eccentric, easygoing & friendly !! lolz !! what do u think ??

& also a lot more 'I's ..
Love U !! :-*