alice ♡

hello! my name is alice :>

i mainly post steven universe but I will also be posting a lot of love live, dangan ronpa, or just any anime really.

please do NOT follow me if you are racist, homophobic/transphobic, sexist, or if you dislike me/are hate-following me [ however you can dm me and we can always try to work things out! ]

I don't spam much, but if you don't appreciate my spam then please dm me and I will try to stop posting as much!!

if you have any triggers then please dm me as well so I will put trigger warnings or just not post such things at all.

I don't mind if you follow me and we have the same kins, but they will change from time to time.

me; hanayo koizumi from love live, pearl from steven universe, vidalia from steven universe

main; marceline abadeer from adventure time

primary; aoi asahina from dangan ronpa

secondary; kyoko sakura from madoka magica, bee from bee and puppycat

synpaths; violet harmon from american horror story, aubrey from omori

questioning: omori from omori

otherkin; vocaloidkin, gemkin, alienkin, mermaidkin