Shuyi Hao

Communication & branding strategist, Marketing lover, and Freelance translator in Paris, France

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Grow up in China, after completing undergraduate degree in U.S. I decided to come to France for my Master degree. So many people asked me why I did not stay in U.S. and found I job there, the answer has always been the same as why I had chosen to leave China for my undergraduate studies-to see the world by myself, to learn the things from experimenting, to meet people and here their stories, and to live an adventurous and creative life, a life that I choose to live not a life being prescribed by the others.

Business development, marketing and communication is my passion. I love to read and listen to those successful stories, learning from the best so that I could help other companies find unique ways to speak out about the power of their products in a way that consumers not only hear and see but also resonate with and remember, figuring out the most powerful for them to talk about what they have achieved and what they are about to do.

  • Education
    • Lille Catholic University
    • University of Grenoble
    • University of Minnesota