Shveta Saayra

Shveta Saayra


I have learnt in life that, sometimes you need to go out and have no

qualms in declaring to the world, that you are talented!

In short, Modesty is not always the best policy!

So here I am, modestly declaring ;) that I am proud to be a

Multi talented person at the same time I have my head

firmly placed on my shoulders and my feet well grounded.

I am an Actor, Choreographer, Writer, Lyricist, Film maker,

Costume Designer, Voice Artist, Multi-tasker, IT proffesional,

Software Developer.

I am Kind, Affable, Enigmatic, Outgoing, Peace loving Spiritual Being.

I love Music; its food for my soul, like to travel,read,

and enjoy good conversations over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

I love my family and they are most important to me!