Shweta Manikshetti

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom


Shweta Manikshetti is a creative professional educated in India and Scotland. Aiming to build a career in creation, she pursued Architecture in India. Throughout her course she realized that conceptual design, public spaces and public buildings interested her most, for the influence they had on the well-being of a society.

After her under graduation in Architecture, she felt the link between architecture and its citizens was missing and that learning the responsibilities of an architect as a citizen was crucial. Having a keen interest in empathic and strategic design, Shweta earned her Master's in Design Innovation and Citizenship degree in 2014 from Glasgow School of Art, Scotland.

About myself
I am an innovative person who values responsibility of design. I work with inspiration and value methodology. I like to be original with my work and designs, but believe in thorough interrogation of history. I have a keen interest in research, speculation, and innovative exercises. As a person, I communicate well, travel for inspiration, and keep an interest in history. My current area of research is how Politics and Political Ideologies have always affected and influenced public spaces and their use.

An ambition of practical application of design and social theory, where it is most required, has led me to work towards interrogation of the current paradigms in architecture and responsible design practice.

Presently staying in Glasgow, I seek to be a part of the Architecture and design industry.

  • Education
    • Glasgow School of Art