Shweta Varma

"Yet another newbie in B-Town who makes her debut...It is learnt that Shweta is the girlfriend of Gauri's(King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan's wife) cousin Rustam Tiwari.
Close tiesSays a source, "Shweta does not talk about it but those close to her know about her links with ShahRukKhan. She refers to him as Shah Rukh bhaiyya."Adds the source, "But she did not flaunt her association with the star to get a role. She bagged Hide and Seek on her own merit."

About her movies..

HIde And Seek

Purab Kohli, Arjan Bajwa, Mrinalini Sharma, Samir Kochhar, Ayaz Khan, and Shweta Varma are the six characters in this movie. The story of the Hide and Seek revolves around these characters. Om, Abhi, Jaideep, Imran, Gunita and Jyotika are kids who play Hide & Seek game on the chilly Christmas Night. No one can think that their lives will be change after playing this game. The six best friends turn into the nastiest enemies.
The past came back to make a trouble again after 12 years, while some of them struggling with their reminiscences of that critical Christmas night and others forget it. Om will shock to see his childhood beloved Jyotika. To play Hide n seek again, someone was getting them all together game.

Bhindi Bazaar

Bhindi Baazzar Inc is a movie which is revolving around the life of Pickpocketers who try every means to earn their livelihood and to make their both ends meet. They use their intelligence as a canvas and their spontaneity as a brush to survive in this dangerous profession.

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