Shyam Umasankar

Coimbatore, India

I am Shyam, Motivational Speaker and Academic Practitioner based out of Coimbatore, India. I do coach students in career guidance, placements and academics related to management domain. As a part time I used to train people to get placed themselves in starts ups and matured organisations across Tamilnadu which gives me great pleasure and as a full time I am engaged in Relationship (Corporate and Public) with an educational institution based out in Coimbatore. Since started my career matrix in 2003 and almost done by working with global players in the e learning space by spearheading Recruitment in all angles and HR domains and gone till the edge of its practice. Recently got committed to do Ph D in Balance Score Card, and then switched over to education industry, the industry which never heard of recession. Totally, I bring 10+ experience to the table as HR, Recruitment, Academics, Placement and Admissions and crossed 4 major employers in my professional side. It sounds like something if you need any guidance or clarifications in regard to job openings in India for your students / relatives / neighbours / well wishers, then pop on over to my contact page to start the discussion about what I can do. I always believe in hope to make things happen with positive vibration all around were i work, live etc.. for the betterment of people who lives around me.

  • Work
    • Admissions, Placement and Public Relations
  • Education
    • MBA, (Ph.D)