Shyamanuja Das

New Delhi, India.

[Researcher, Consultant, Data Journalist, Teacher]

I explore. People. Ideas. Nature. Art. Music. Literature.

I also help people explore. Plans. Ideas. Markets. Opportunities. In their lingo, they call it exploratory research. Often, simply business research.

I connect. People with ideas. Ideas with people. people with people.

I help people connect. With their customers. With their users. With target communities. And they call it thought leadership marketing.

I was a journalist, doing a lot of stories. Now, I am a researcher, playing with numbers. I get a kick combining the two. By creating exciting stories out of numbers. I love preaching the value of data journalism to whoever cares to listen. At present, very few.

I value liberty. I love integrity. I love Indian music. Why, I even research and write about that sometimes.

  • Education
    • Bachelors in Computer Science, Post Graduate in Journalism