Sidd Pagidipati

Consultant, Software Engineer, and entrepreneur in Tampa, Florida

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Hello, I’m Sidd Padigpati.

I currently hold a Bachelor of Science from Georgetown University in International Economics and International Relations. I’m the founder of several successful businesses like InventCorp, Physician Partners, Freedom Health, and more. Freedom health, a Florida health insurance company which is based in Tampa, was wanked #7 on the Inc 500’s fasters growing companies in America in 2009, having grown 10,000+% over a 3-year period. Numerous small and medium-sized enterprises have flourished under my leadership.

My experience as an Analyst in an investment bank have me the insights and laid the foundation for my own investing career. I am also a venture investor with investments being made into ikaSystems, which has been acquired by Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, and CliniCast, which currently has funding over $100k.

Since I have learned a lot through my experiences as an entrepreneur, you can read some pieces of content I have written that are published on the internet. I am hoping that through my journey, I can help other young entrepreneurs on their quest of starting their own business. You can find some of the content on the following links: