Sierra Harding

Seattle, Guatemala

Ever since my first trip out of the US at age 17 to volunteer for a summer in the Dominican Republic, I have had a desire to see the world. This has shaped my life and career choices; from SCUBA diving instructor to waitress to hairstylist to executive/personal assistant. Each role has taught me more about myself and what I want, the world and its people, and how I can have a positive impact while living a life that fulfills my dreams and desires.

I love to write, and I tend to be too busy living life to find the time. When I do manage to put some words together, I post it on my blog.

I've been living abroad in Guatemala since 2011. I'm home in Seattle for this summer, and then I'll be moving to Panama City at the end of 2013.

Please follow me in which ever social media format suits you. I'd like to connect with friends and like-minded people where ever we find each other.

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