Sifu Lin Xiang Fuk

Los Angeles, California, United States

Introducing Suhu/Sifu Kenneth Lin Xiang Fuk
Grand Master of Hek Ki Boen Eng Chun Federation International

Kenneth Lin, founder of the official Hek Ki Boen Association, is an internationally recognized Grand Master through his research of Black Flag Wing Chun. Through his efforts, sincere practitioners on four continents have had the opportunity to benefit from this unique System. To safeguard the integrity of this specialized information, Grand Master Lin established the Association to train, certify and license professional Martial Arts Instructors worldwide, who wish to be a part of carrying this information into the future by passing on this system.

Suhu Lin has been called “the world's most practical teaching expert” for consistently delivering real-world results to highly skilled Martial Artists and Instructors. He regularly gives interviews, public workshops and seminars, as well as traveling to teach, test, and certify Masters and Instructors around the world. One of the fastest-growing Systems in the world, HKB has expanded in many countries and now has certified Instructors in North and South America, Asia and Europe.

Suhu Lin not only works continually to preserve and promote his Art, but also to advance it, by introducing new innovative approaches to training methodology. His direct, humorous, engaging teaching style has participants -- from beginner to advanced -- smiling, learning and training harder than they ever thought possible.

Seminar attendees say that it turbo-charged their learning, and students report seeing their knowledge and skill growing by leaps and bounds. He is an approachable instructor, full of excitement and joy, as he shares this ancient Treasure with the world

Once HKB was brought out to the public, other Martial Arts organizations, sifus and instructors, both from Wing Chun and from other styles, have come to discover HKB's uniqueness for themselves. Many have found HKB to be a Treasure so valuable, that they too, want to help preserve, promote and teach it.

Experience HKB in action, risk-free.
Since this is an ancient System, which is yet new to most of the world, Suhu Lin has created a free thirty-day immersion experience for those interested. “In thirty days, you should be able to tell if HKB is for you,” says Suhu Lin. “I understand, so I removed any reason for reluctance. Now you have the opportunity to feel it for yourself. You put in your time

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