Stasinos Sikalias

Athens, Attica, Greece

He was born in 1972 in Athens.
He graduated the Pharmaceutical faculty of the Athens University in 1995.
From 1995 since 1997 he fulfilled his military obligations.
In 1998 he established a pharmacy, which was a continuinity of the pharmacy, which his father had established in 1967 in Peristeri, at Degleri square of Ag.Ierotheos.
He attended Biopharmaceutical – Pharmacokinetic postgraduate studies (Master of Science) of Pharmaceutical faculty of Athens University from 1997 for two years.
In 2000 sikalias pharmacy moved to the place which is located until today, opposite the church of Ag.Ierotheos at Peristeri, in a building specially designed to carry out the demands of Patientcare.
In 2000 as well, he started to work on the Compounding of human drugs upon receipt of a valid prescription for an individually identified patient from a licensed practitioner. His pharmacy now is specializing in compounding preparations.
In 2003 he begun to produce natural dermocosmetics with the registered brand/trade name “Kallio”.

In 2004 Kallio products were presented at the Beautyworld exhibition in Frankfurt. In 2004 exportation of Kallio began to the Marshals department stores of Unites States and TKmaxx of United Kingdom. In 2007 Kallio products were presented at the Cosmoprof exhibition in Bologna.

In 2012 he established his own production plant with the most updated facilities located in Peristeri.

Today, in respect of pharmaceutical science,
staying up-to-date with international studies and holding knowledge of the products required by a pharmacy, Sikalias laboratories provide for human health with the products (Pharmaceutical FSMP, Nutritional Supplements, Medical Devices, Cosmetics) that he formulates (Product Development) and produce (Manufacturing) for pharmaceutical companies. Sikalias laboratories Regulatory Assistance contributes by providing with larger markets for selling their products.

The door of his pharmacy and his office are open wide for everyone and will be very glad to meet you.