Silke Deschamps

Writer, Editor, and Small Business Owner in Bad Honnef, Deutschland

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Hey, I'm Silke.

I'm owner of my company "Schreiben ist meine Natur", engl. "writing is my nature".

I'm a writer and online editor, living in Bad Honnef am Rhein, Germany.

My passion is writing fairtytales and fantasy books for children and teenager. My latest book is available since may this year. Check out my authorwebsite for more information

As online editor, i write advice/ info/ SEO articles for my clients. Contact me, if you want to work with me.

I'm a fan of animals (i've got cats and a dog - yes it works) and i love to be outside in the nature. The forest feels like home for me, there i can really relax. Smell the fresh air, hear the beautiful voices of the birds or see the sun shining through the slightly moving branches, inspiring me for new book projects, where i can express my creativity.

In my free time I go hiking and archery. I also work as a volunteer at a rescue station for wild birds.

About four years i did my studies in naturopathy and physiotherapy, both for animals. This knwoledge, my love to animals and my connection to the nature, are always the base for my books and stories. Living on this planet together in harmony with all of creation is an endless story and for me an infinite source of ideas.