Silvia Cazurro

Student in Valladolid, España

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Hello everyone!

My name is Silvia, I'm 21, I Iive in Valladolid and currently I'm studying the Primary Education degree in order to become a primary educator.

To be honest, I've always considered to become a psychologist because I wanted to contriute people to get better, but one day when I woke I thought: "Why do you want to fix people when you can help them not to break?" Because, personally, that is what education is about. It is about teach our students how to love themselves and the others, how to be tolerant, how to have a critical mind and a wide perspective about everything and how to be strong.

About me? You should know I am completely in love with my beautiful guitar Juno and my ukelele Bleek. I love grey cats with brown eyes in spite of not having any at home. I really like The United Kingdom, especially England due to the fact I've been there many times. This summer I have been to Oxford and It definitely is my kind of city. In general, I love visiting other countries and the countries I am sure I need to go before I die are India, Vietnam, Canada and Kenia. I like most kinds of music but I can't stand electronic music. I also like movies that make you consider your own existance. I think I am a really enthusiastic person believe it or not, and if I'm motivated I always try to do my best.

It is really nice to meet you!