Silvia Morquin

I´m Silvia Morquin, from Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina. I´ve been an EFL teacher for more than 20 years in private and state schools and institutions in La Plata (where I studied, graduated. worked and met wonderful people and excellent colleagues) and here in Santa Rosa, my hometown. I was the head at Asociacion Pampeana de Cultura Inglesa for about 7 years, and at present I´m the headteacher of the English Department at Santo Tomas School, a private school in Santa Rosa. I am also a Cambridge Speaking Examiner (YLE, KET, PET, FCE). I love teaching, but now that I´m in a different position and I can´t be in the classroom as much as I would like to, I try to keep myself updated and learn everything related to the latest trends in teaching and TICs.

The problem is always the same... lack of time! But I´ll try to do my best!