Silvia Martinez

Girona, Catalonia, Spain

.Silvia Martinez is an artistic and inspiring teacher of yoga for children, she was somehow attracted to the harmony of the practice of yoga. Silvia has a teaching style that is a special blend of her spirit, knowledge and her past yoga mentors who have influenced her life of teaching yoga. Since she herself discovered yoga and the healing power of the mind-body, Silvia translates the ancient practice of yoga into a modern day setting. Silvia loves teaching yoga to children of all ages and abilities from different cultures and backgrounds. She meets all manner of children;happy, serious, scared, sad, distracted and subtle and occasionally profound transformations happen to the children through the proper practice of yoga. All children are naturally curious and creative and through yoga they are assisted in channelling their emotional energies in a positive way. Yoga can be a real and simple vehicle for personal change. The idea of trying yoga has hit many people of all ages.