Silvia Carenzi

Researcher in Italia

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1. My work

I’m a researcher, currently pursuing a PhD at Scuola Normale Superiore and Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies. I previously worked at the Center on Radicalization and International Terrorism, Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI). In 2016, I was awarded a Master’s Degree (with honors) in Foreign Languages applied to International Relations.

At present, my research interests are mainly focused on jihadism and Islamism more in general. My doctoral research project aims to analyze the political preferences of jihadi groups to understand why the opt for local- and/or global-oriented strategies—attempting to bridge research on conflict and terrorism, social movement studies, as well as area studies.

I also plan to enhance my knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic, and possibly to study a specific dialect. Being very fond of Nordic languages, I am also looking forward to improving my Swedish, as well as learning Norwegian plus Danish.

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2. Otium

When I’m not conducting research, I like devoting my free time to arachnology, drawing, STEM subjects, and other stuff—though I’m not an expert, just an amateur. I enjoy collecting spiders, taking a few photos and trying to identify them. If you are interested in spiders and/or arthropods, too, you will find some pictures on my Instagram profile (button below).

As concerns STEM, I’m particularly fond of Mathematics and Physics—especially Geometry, Quantum Physics, and Theoretical Physics, with a focus on Space-Time. In recent times, I’ve also developed an interest in cryptography and computer programming, and I would like to learn a few rudiments sometime in the future.