Silvia Catalán

About me:

Hello, I'm Silvia and I'm from Barcelona in Spain. I'm not shy.I'm always happy because most times I'm laughing.I have brown eyes and blond hair.I speak Spanish,English, Catalan and I'm starting to study French at school, because in the holidays I speak French with a lot of my friends.

Likes and deslikes:

I really like the music,my favorite singers are: Young Killer, Critika y Saik and Justin Beaber.I like shopping and playing basketball. I don't like football, I don't like the winter and I hate chess, because for me is very boring and I prefer the games that do not have to think.

My time and money:

I spend a lot of time on listening music, texting with the mobil phone,watching TV,playing with my tablet, and studying for the exams. I spend my money on clothes, on my mobile phone, on bracelets,on my tablet and presents for the birthdays of my friends or my family.