Silvia Checa

Silvia loves chips, dogs, funny YouTube videos and having dry salt on her face after swimming in the ocean. She claims that she has never worked but has always done what she loves best; which cannot really be called a job. She has lived in Spain, Italy, Canada, the US, and China. She hates waking up late and being cold. After she finished her BA in a "difficult" university in Salamanca, which also gave her the opportunity to live in Rome, she decided to relocate to America so she could grow professionally. She worked in an online company in Canada before she moved to working in JWT and DDB in the US. Flash-forward 5 years: Asia, its technology, products, and brands were too appealing for her to resist them and she moved to Beijing to work for IXONOS. Silvia won advertising festivals while still in college and she even became a finalist in the Young Creatives Cannes. She thinks that her knack for constantly losing things has made her win Addys, although it has also made her be repeatedly scolded by her mother. She is so extraordinarily absentminded that she cannot tell the shampoo and the air conditioner apart. However, she can be extremely focused while doing what she loves best.