Silvia Edling

Uppsala University, Sweden

I'm a researcher in Curriculm Studies and my prime interest lies in exploring possibilities of counteracting various forms of social violance in education - which is quite a challenge seeing the multilayered feateres of human life. There is no single remedy, but, I'd humbly say that, teachers who think, struggle with, and question their work and daily actions are, powerful forces.

So let us widen our minds and blow fire in our curiosity! Philosphy, politics, books, poetry, music, long walks, journeys to foreign places are immensely stimulating and helps seeing the many, often subtle, shades around us. But it is in relation with others that they get depth - the dialoge with my husband, my children, collegues and other people I encounter can open worlds.

  • Work
    • Senior Lecturer in Curriculum Studies
  • Education
    • PhD in Curriculum Studies, Upper Secondary High School Teacher,