Silvia Fdez Calonge

Student in Valladolid, España

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Hello everyone!. My name is Silvia. I am 22 years old and I'm from Valladolid. I studied English Studies at the University of Valladolid and finished my degree last June. Now, I am studying a master to become an English teacher.

Most of you probably are asking why I decided to become an Enlish teacher. Well, when I was 4 years old my parents thought that English will be the language of the future. So, they decided to sign me up for an English academy with English native speakers. I can say that since that moment become an important part of my life. Therefore, when I grew up I wanted to transmit all my knowledge to someone and it was in that moment when I decided to form myself to be a teacher.

My family is quite small. I have a father who work in surveillance (security); my mum work as a kitchen helper and my sister is 16 years old and she has recently started A levels. In the future, she will also want to become a teacher, but a maths one. I also have a grandmother, three aunts, two uncles and eight cousins.

As you can see in the haghtags, I love photography, music, travel, reading and food, but also I like watching films ( as Harry Potter, Dear John or Disney and terror films) and series (I am very fan of Game of Thrones, Vikings, Velvet, Sons of Anarchy); I also like fashion, languages and history. I don't like a specific music style because I listen many different styles starting with pop, rock, reggaeton and finishing with Flamenco music. One of my favourite singers is Antonio José. He sings flamenco. Whe he comes to Valladolid, I go to his concerts.

As I have said, I like travelling. I've been in London, Dublin, Maynooth, Portugal, Paris, Poitiers and some places of Spain as Ávila, Salamanca, Astudias, Cantabria, Madrid, Benidorm and Málaga. I have lot of experiences, but, now, I cannot remember one of it, sorry.

Well, this is me. I hope that you enjoy reading my bio and I wish we can have a good experience together. These opportunities only happen once in our life.