Silvia Gual

For me life isn't about the latest and most popular, it's about creativity, passion, and independence. I believe, you can read a person by what they wear and who they follow. First appearances in this world are extremely important... they can make or break you; but they can also make a statement. The amazing thing is that there are many of us who are inspired by fashion. Not only to influence how we look, but to influence a way of life. To take all of my inspiration and share it with others. I've always been a creative person and for me everything was an option growing up. Thinking big was my best skill and well there were a lot of ideas that ran through my brain. I've always loved make-up, fashion and business, but as a teen it took me a while to figure out that consulting for style and makeup can pay the bills. I want to bring my opinions, visions, and stories to the world. I want to interact with people from all over about cloths, life, and style. This is definitely my passion. My heart is written all over this and here I am exposing myself. I mean I might get hurt, but I have a really good feeling that you will all love it... just as I do. Live, Love, and Laugh in Style!