Silvia Rasekhi Casan

South Africa

My name is Silvia and my passion is spaces. I believe that you can change your life by changing the space you are in, whether that means your mind, your house or your planet. Join me on a journey as we create ourselves and our spaces.

We need to know where we are from in order to know where we are going, so if you want to know a bit about me... I am half English and Spanish, I grew up in South Africa, my studies include I.T. and Fine Arts, and while I lived overseas - Interior Design and Feng Shui. I am both a technical and creative person and I have always loved being able to solve problems in both technical and creative ways.

When I was a child I would sit and draw layouts of my bedroom or whatever space I was allowed to change and then spent many hours changing furniture and things around either on paper or in the space. I have developed my ability to visualise a space and how it should look and feel and I have come to realise after working on many homes and offices, that it really can change your life.

My mission is to design and create habitats (whether those spaces are in your mind, your home, your office or your garden) and help people realise them.