Silvia Zanella

digital in Milano, Italia

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International digital marketing executive for a global Fortune 500 company, with a strong interest in the future of work.

Extensive experience of leadership in marketing and communication roles, including strategic planning and budgeting, corporate communication, advertising, media relations, events, sponsorships, employees' engagement, smartworking.

Expert on social media trends and HR 2.0 digital business practices with a strong focus on innovation, business social networking , social recruiting , recruiting marketing, change management, employer and personal branding .

Journalist and contributor of “La Nuvola del Lavoro”, the most important Italian blog on labour topics by Corriere della Sera,, LinkedIn and Centodieci. I am also the author of the “Monster Career Guide” 2009 and 2010, published by Mondadori, the main Italian publisher.

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My Twitter account is @SilviaZanella_