Silvicom Inc

Melrose Park IL US

Silvicom Inc. is a Melrose Park, Illinois, truckload carrier dedicated to meeting the transportation needs of clients spanning the United States. In addition to its primary business of long-haul routes, Silvicom Inc. has expertise in intrastate and short-haul shipments. The company’s routes span the lower 48 states, with customers receiving consistently responsive service. Regularly scheduled trips can be arranged with solo or team drivers and coordinated with clients’ existing automated and live dispatch systems. Silvicom Inc. takes pride in meeting tight deadlines and strives to exceed performance requirements on a daily basis.

Silvicom Inc. maintains a commitment to utilizing technologies and processes that not only cut costs but also improve supply chains and transportation paradigms. With safety its number-one priority, Silvicom Inc. ensures strict compliance with laws and regulations at the state and federal levels. Silvicom Inc. is online at, and remains dedicated to meeting the real-time needs of customers and suppliers.