Silvija Budaviciute


I believe the best things hide in peoples' differences. I also believe everyone can reach their highest human potential if they just try hard enough.

Originally from Lithuania, I feel I am becoming more and more Finnish, but with less and fewer roots to any particular place. Deep in my heart, I consider Earth is my home and a human being is my nationality.

I hold Bachelor Degree in Molecular Biology. I graduated with Master Degree from Vilnius University, Lithuania where I studied Ecology and Environmental Management. I am Lic. Phil. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Helsinki. I speak fluent Lithuanian, English, Russian. I am also able to handle simple conversations in Finnish and Swedish (I just love how it sounds). I used to speak good French, but now practice required to speak it again.

I am a professional entomologist, an amateur psychologist, and dream to become an amateur astrophysicist one day. I like to draw with a pencil, write with an ink and sew all kind of things. I have practiced Zen meditation for 4 years. Now I am combining my Zen discipline with Vipassana kindness. I love working in my organic garden (check my blog, link below). I enjoy hiking and traveling. I hope one day to travel to Siberia and if I am lucky restore degraded areas there.

On my free time, I organize Helsinki Meditation Group. I am also looking for enthusiasts to develop an insect identification tool - AntMatcher- we created it together with my collaborator from Aalto University (check link below).

  • Education
    • Vilnius Univeristy, Lithuania
    • University of Helsinki, Finland