Silvio Serrano

Consultant in New York

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Silvio Serrano Graduated in 1996 and completed his four-year term plus an extra one year specializing as a Techinco Elettrico/ Elettronico at The Enrico Fermi high school In Italy. After his high school graduation, Silvio attended L'Universita' di Messina and completed a threeyear course in 1998 specializing in business and manufacturing, where he met the co-founder of a large International Bikini manufacturer that manufactured a private label/OEM for top American name brands. He was invited and traveled abroad in the summer season of 1998 to the USA where he was hired by the co-founder of Bikini INT. His commitment and ambition was quickly acknowledged by the company and was instantly put in charge of the key location situated in Florida. Silvio managed the manufacturing plant that consisted of cutting-edge devices and 180 staff members; this location was responsible for the manufacturing and shipping of the items for North America. Wishing to use up the business design flair and manufacturing capabilities, the management aware of Silvio's love for Italy and being both proficient in Italian and English was asked to take a trip to Rome in July of 1999. The Bikini INT management team understood there would be no better place then the fashion capital of the world where elite fashion and manufacturing plants lay. Here Silvio completed a ten-month trip getting substantial understanding and contacts in the space. He traveled back to the U.S.A after a very successful journey. In early 2000 Silvio chose to take a while off and take a trip to Shanghai China to visit his dear university good friend that ran a Worldwide electrical factory. Silvio Serrano was fascinated by the big and busy city where he re-lived his passion for the electrical world he pursed in his earlier high school years. After his extended absence from his native country, Silvio traveled back to Canada which he left at a really young age to pursue his studies. His passion and experience for manufacturing were recognized by regional contacts and where he was offered a job to run a big stone manufacturer" OSD" in Toronto. At this point he desired a change, and missing his roots he chose to take the job and relocate to Canada. Silvio Serrano was hired as the plant manager where he ran the entire manufacturing plant. His successes were rapidly discovered, ramping up the manufacturing abilities and the companies instant growth.