Sim Young

Fundraising Specialist and Cause Marketing Specialist in Baltimore, Maryland

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I've been blessed to live a good life, but now I'm on a mission to LIVE A BETTER LIFE by helping non-profit organizations and local businesses partner with Fortune 500 and Inc. 500/5000 companies to receive a monthly donation that can be used to support worthwhile causes in the community they serve.

To make things better, what I've found also helps people turn something they do each month; from the comfort of their home, into something that helps these same non-profit organizations and local businesses that are helping their community.

Do you know someone that:

> owns a business that could benefit from a monthly donation that could be used to support their community in a way that attracts customers to their business to increase revenue while reducing expenses;

> works with a non-profit organization that could benefit from a monthly donation to help further their mission or support the organization's cause; or

> would like to help their community by doing something they're already doing?

If you do, we should talk. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ or call/text me at (240) 449-4567.


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