Sima Mitra

Local: Ithaca, NY

I'm a Master’s student at Cornell University studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. My areas of interest include microcontrollers, photonics, and robotics.

I am the co-creator of TicTocTrac, an open-source LED wristwatch that measures your perception of time. TicTocTrac has been featured on the Forbes, Hackaday, Makerbot, Adafruit, and Arduino Blogs.

I have research experience with the Fab@Home Student Project Team, a group devoted to open-source 3D printing. On the Fab@Home team I was a member of the electronics subteam, working on embedded and host-side software for the next model of Fab@Home 3D printer to be released.

My academic experience is mainly split between photonics and microcontroller. Relevant Photonics classes include: Quantum and Nonlinear Optics, Nano-Optics, Fiber and Integrated Optics, and Lasers and Optoelectronics. My microcontroller’s experience includes Advanced Microcontrollers (FPGAs), Microcontrollers, and Embedded Systems. I also have taken classes about robotics, including Autonomous Mobile Robots and Mechatronics.

  • Education
    • Cornell University | Electrical and Computer Engineering | MEng 2013
    • Cornell University | Electrical and Computer Engineering | BS 2012