Sima A. Patel

Consultant, Project Manager, and Personal Trainer in Chicago

Sima A. Patel

Consultant, Project Manager, and Personal Trainer in Chicago

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I am a Project Manager & Consultant, Int’l Transformation & Sustainable Development Strategist.

Creating, managing, partnering and supporting TEAMS of International business owners, I understand the importance of having mentorship, expert advice, and guidance from professional people who are trustworthy & relate to the vision at stake. At Rapid Trainers International, we stand on integrity in everything we do, from our communication to our actions.

As an International Business Development Professional with a background in Project Management, Consulting & Education Infrastructure, I create, manage, organize and lead teams across the globe in various industries with the Highest Integrity. First connected to Homeland Security and assisting Military professionals with enrollment guidelines to qualify for Criminal Justice programs at Kaplan University where I was a Senior Admissions Director for three years and later worked at the Art Institutes as a Director of Admissions. My passion is in project management, creating global systems focused on skill building, and leadership training integration. Educated in Human Development focusing on leadership skills, I have developed excellent written communication and relationship building by connecting people and TEAMS to grow projects together.

Passionate about cross-collaboration within teams globally and sustainable business development projects for education and industry initiatives. Creative in contributing to the overall power for global team unity and goal execution. Quickly executes new partnership initiatives, while managing global team unification and alignment to achieve market penetration for corporate and humanitarian projects. Exceptional problem-solving skills, both dynamic and reliable.

Serial Entrepreneur with a proven ability to organize & prioritize work to meet necessary expectations for overall results within diverse industries, cultures, and developing teams. Focused passionate about highly intricate projects as a hands-on business partner and global expansion professional, experienced in working across disciplines as a Project Manager & Consultant. With a keen ability to capture opportunities & catapult new ventures for cross-marketing, networking and business expansion purposes.

Our current project is Christianity 101 courses online with Zoe Cell.

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