Sima A. Patel

Consultant, Project Manager, and Personal Trainer in Chicago

Sima A. Patel

Consultant, Project Manager, and Personal Trainer in Chicago

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CEO of Rapid Trainers International. 🌐 Project Manager & Consultant, Int’l Transformation & Sustainable Development Strategist | Business Acceleration | Education Leadership

As a Project Manager and Consultant, Sima excels in collapsing project timeframes through effective team collaboration and strategic planning. Adeptly leads teams, collapsing timeframes for humanitarian projects across Africa, fostering partnerships for skill-building, wellness, and community development.

Passionate about education, Sima's journey began with assisting Military professionals in enrolling into Criminal Justice programs at Kaplan University. Her tenure as a Senior Admissions Director and Director of Admissions at prestigious institutions like the Art Institutes solidified her commitment to educational excellence.

Sima A. Patel is involved in a variety of organizations focused on humanitarian projects, education, community development, and sustainable development. Instrumental in driving transformative education initiatives, working with NGO's and partnering with leaders to build better government policies for the underprivileged. Her visionary leadership drives collaboration for Leadership Fellowship programs in Africa and the USA while negotiating impactful international collaborations as a key partner in sustainability partnerships.

These organizations include non-profit organizations (NGOs), educational institutions, governmental agencies, community-based organizations, philanthropic foundations, and international collaborative initiatives. A serial entrepreneur, Sima's ventures extend beyond traditional boundaries. Her dynamic approach to project management, coupled with a keen eye for global expansion opportunities, has catapulted her endeavors with connections to many philanthropists and charitable organizations.

Driven by a vision of cross-collaboration and sustainable development, Sima remains at the forefront of creating impactful change. Her exceptional problem-solving skills and passionate dedication to community improvement continue to inspire those around her.

Current project - Zoe Cell Fellowship, Christianity 101 course online.

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