💥my names brianna! (u can just call me bri) im a girl and im 15 years old. i care deeply for animals and i love animated movies. also, i love idina menzel and billy joel!! my fave animals are lions 🦁 i LOVE musicals, like wicked, little shop of horrors, and chicago!!

💥my interests include drawing and animation! i want to become an animator at disney someday. (i also really wish i knew how to play the saxophone but who knows if that will ever happen lol)

💥another thing is that i strongly dislike people who express transphobia, sexism, homophobia, anything like that. i also hate when people sexualize anything meant for children or children in general🙃 what I hate above anything else is pollution or any harm to the environment or animals

💥some of my favourite movies are the lion king, lady and the tramp, brother bear, zootopia, and jurassic park! my favourite show of all time has to be the simpsons (MOE IS MY FAVE💕), but i also really like futurama, gravity falls, x-files, the office, the walking dead, and lost!