Simcat Group

Demolition Melbourne, Waste Management Melbourne, and Rubbish Removals Melbourne in Melbourne, Australia

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Demolition Melbourne, we strive to be leaders in green waste management. We use split bins and make sure that up to 90% of all waste removed is recycled. Simcat is looking after the environment with every job. We get rid of general waste, rubbish and remnants of buildings. You can also hire a bin, bobcat or excavator to suit your needs. All equipment comes with experienced operators and optional labourers.

We can assist with residential, commercial and even industrial rubbish removals and demolitions. We can also assist with site remediation and preparing trenches.

Simcat are equipped with top quality demolition equipment to offer you with all your demolition needs. We cover all aspects of demolition contracting. All the way from small homes to larger buildings. We can prepare your site by clearing out all rubbish to ensure the success of your new construction project.

Simcat doesn’t just do traditional demolitions. We can strip out internal buildings to core, getting rid of workstations, ceilings, plaster walls and dispose of it responsibly. We also strip and demolish for large commercial sites in Melbourne. Call Us Now: 0400 848 496