Simen Grøttum

Canary Islands


I’m 24 years old, soon turning 25. I’ve always been full of energy, and have difficulties sitting still or staying in the same place for a longer period of time.

I’m very active, and am dedicating a lot of my time to Martial arts. This gives me a space to enfold my primitive instincts of fighting. But as I tell people when they ask me, if I fight a lot when I’m out drinking. “I no longer associate anger with fighting”.

My parents are Norwegian, well my mother is half Danish, I guess that’s why I enjoy a beer or two every now and then. I have a sister and a brother who I treasure very much.

I grew up in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Even though, both my parents were born in northern part of the country. Growing up in Oslo has its positive and negative sides as everything else. Being able to enjoy the beautiful parks in the summer, and the ski slopes in the winter. And the women, need I say more? I believe people have heard about the beautiful women of Scandinavia. To the never ending rat race of being the most successful and having the newest clothes.

But even though, Oslo has everything to offer from beautiful people to events and nature, I feel that the people have forgotten to stop for a second and just enjoy living in the nr. 1 ranked country to live in, in the world.

For the moment I live in the Canary Islands, working as an activities teacher in a treatment center for children with asthma and eczema. The climate here is their medicine, as the not so polluted air makes it easier for them to breath, and the sun and the sea helps their skin.

I just discovered the art of meditation through two of my greatest friends and mentors Endre Vaslestad Carl Henrik Haugstøl Dubois. Meditation have given me a new way of finding balance in my life as well as learning how to treasure every single moment of my life. Living in the now I call it.

  • Work
    • Activeties teacher, Grunder.
  • Education
    • media and communication, Examen Philosophicum and Examen factultatum.