Simeon Krastev

Hey there, my name is Simeon Krastev. I’m a 23-­year-­‐old fitness professional. I juggle going to school full time for business marketing, being a personal trainer, maintaining a health and wellness blog, cooking and swimming into my schedule.

But my current lifestyle, is, well, not what it used to be.

Not too long ago I was nerdy guy who had a computer game addiction. While you could easily say that gaming addiction is more common than ever, my journey was quite unusual. I wasn’t only addicted, my life was revolving around the game ‘World of Warcraft’. I played the bare minimum of 12 hours a day and spent the rest of my time thinking I was missing out on ‘very important’ stuff in the virtual world.

I ‘ve skipped school for weeks. My mother left for work at 8:30—so I would pretend to leave for school, and then sneak back inside to play. When she got home, I’d lie that I finished my homework to keep playing. I had no social life. I even had friends that would pester me to hang out, but I would say I felt sick just to avoid them and get back to the game.

What made life worse was my diet. I lived off soda and energy drinks to stay awake and play. Food preparation meant taking time away from playing, so I stuck with food like potato chips and sweets. This lasted for over two and a half years. My diet killed my motivation and made me feel sluggish, which caused a terrible plunge in my self-­‐esteem. I even developed a posture imbalance that I’m still trying to fix to this date.

I had a pivotal point in my life where I was introduced to fitness and it improved my lifestyle and gave me a motivation to keep searching. This pushed me to begin with personal training and help the others feel the same way I did.

Maybe it was my new level of energy, but I wanted more. Helping reach more people and improve their lives was an incredible rush. After some serious planning and consideration, I built this website to offer premium coachingand resources to anyone across the globe.