Simeon Laizer

Spec Screenwriter, Writer, and Creative Writing

I'm Simeon A. Laizer,

I'm a screenwriter. I'm a creative writer, I love imagination and love writing stories. I love meeting sincere, honest, good people and accommodating. I love meeting people that add values to life, making positive change to life. I love traveling.

I love writing feature and short screenplay on drama/romance, thriller, adventure, horror, drama/comedy genre.

I'm single, I study Social Work and Admin.,

I'm a Spec Screenwriter.

I can also write script for corporate media/advert depending on their product and audience.

I'm fast in learning new things.

I'm not just screenwriting only but also for office and house private cleaning services.


We know only two days in a year; which is yesterday that we cannot do anything about it and today that we must do something meaningful that will be of great impact, positively to others and environs and also be of joy to someone's life.

All that seems impossible with men are possible with God.

It doesn't matter where you are today, God is taken you to a better place ahead.

You don't have to seek blessing, seek God first and blessings will come.

Never let any circumstances deprive you of your joy, never give up.

Only fools doubt proof.

It's a blessing to be in friendship. :)

God be with you.

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