Simeon Spearman

Simeon works with key clients including Coca-Cola, L'Oreal USA, Verizon Wireless, 20th Century Fox and internal teams to help determine innovative partnerships and media opportunities that deliver business results. Spearman writes and produces Moxie Pulse annual trends report and is the writer/editor of Moxie Pulse blog.

Previous to Moxie, Simeon worked as a consulting futurist for a DC innovations firm whose clients included Fortune 500 clients like McDonald's, Texas Department of Transportation, Philips Electronics, and Research in Motion, among others.

As a key member of the Innovation & Emerging Media team at Moxie, Simeon leads thought-leadership on technological/cultural trends that forward-thinking and affecting the marketing and advertising landscape. Simeon has worked as a professional futurist for almost 4 years, helping clients recognize and act on signals of change in order to be prepared for the future. His time as consulting futurist at Social Technologies involved working on a wide range of custom and high-profile work from developing innovation platforms to organizing consumer segmentation and providing custom streams of observations of how consumer trends were manifesting themselves in everyday life.

Simeon has a master's degree in Futures Studies from the University of Houston which included coursework on futures research methods, strategic planning, systems thinking, and theories of social change, among others. The combination of his work and educational experiences have provided Moxie with a future-oriented view to present-day challenges facing organizations and has developed an understanding of various methods for developing innovative solutions for blue chip companies in various industries.