Consultant, Strategist, and Speaker in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Simmone is passionate about driving global change through innovative social projects and philanthropic endeavors. As a Master Global Connector, with the ability to communicate in multiple languages, Simmone is a natural at creating synergistic partnerships all over the world. She is an award-winning international speaker, tackling issues such as racism, sexism, and female empowerment, working on incorporating comedy to lighten serious topics. She has lived/worked/studied in 12 countries and traveled to ~50 to date. Simmone has advised and collaborated with Forbes billionaires, Heads of State, and top CEO's on branding and marketing initiatives in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and throughout the Caribbean and her work has been featured in Forbes Magazine, My Vegas Mag, CREW Magazine, Toronto Star, and more. As a visionary who loves innovation, Simmone has embraced the opportunity to transform the world through technology. Simmone has helped co-create and organize events, such as the Wonder Women Tech Conference, Fishackathon (U.S. State Department), Hack4Equality (for the LGBTQ community), and DementiaHack (presented by Facebook and supported by the Cdn and UK Govts). Simmone is passionate about helping causes and non-profits to grow, especially those focused on the areas of the empowerment of women/girls (in tech), sustainability, and equality. Simmone has brokered renewable energy deals in Canada, is working towards mastering communicating the benefits of Tesla's Powerwall, and intends to soon translate the latest technology into sustainable and affordable real estate developments around the world. She loves giving back and has helped build homes, schools and sustainable communities in Kenya, Guatemala, Trinidad & Tobago, El Salvador and Panama with organizations such as Free the Children/ME TO WE, Rotary International, Habitat for Humanity: Global Village and Kalu Yala. ​Simmone is driven by being a potent force for change,​ spiritual growth ​and worldwide healing. She believes strongly that life is too short for mediocrity.

  • Education
    • Carleton University
    • Humboldt University of Berlin