Mae L. Simmons 2020 Nutrition, LLC

Nutrition and Wellness Coach in New Jersey

Mae L. Simmons 2020 Nutrition, LLC

Nutrition and Wellness Coach in New Jersey

Mae is a Health & Wellness Expert specializing in nutrition and provides coaching and information concerning the positive effects of natural and organic foods, herbs, spices, and supplements on the body. She promotes wellness and disease prevention through natural means. Mae's former years after undergraduate school led her into the public health field working at the Camden County Department of Health as a Health Educator for early cancer prevention and detection along with a staff of nurses who performed free blood pressure and diabetes screenings. Then she worked for five years at the American Red Cross as a blood drive recruiter, educating public and private organizations about the importance of donating blood. Now her passion is to educate others on how to make quality food choices, and how to be wise consumers in order to live a healthier and more vibrant life.

Currently she is developing a healthy eating lifestyle program called 2020 Nutrition which focuses on nutrition that eases extra tension on the body. This comprehensive 8-week program helps you go from "dis-ease" to a normal or optimal state of ease. The program is designed for you to:

* develop your own systematic tailored regimen based on your current health condition, lifestyle and goals

* perform safe detoxification strategies, decrease inflammation and progress to good gut health.

* gradually reset your body to really think, feel, and look great and enjoy a life full of energy and vitality

* show you how to manage stressful, emotional triggers that cause you to binge eat and make bad food choices

* give you basic principles, strategies and' hidden treasures' for combatting obesity, high blood pressure, thyroid issues, and digestive disorders.

* enjoy alternatives to empty calorie junk foods

* shop wiser, store and prepare foods, develop meal plans, and make quick tasty dishes that you can enjoy

* learn the many benefits of juicing, smoothie making and eating raw, including cell repair and maintenance

* slow down the aging process to promote long term healthy living.

Mae enjoys sharing her knowledge, researched information, experience and faith in hopes that it will lead you to longevity, looking and feeling great and enjoying life with the ones we love.


B.A. Urban Studies/Public Health, Rutgers University, NJ
M.S. Management/Human Resources, Wilmington University, DE

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