Simo Li

Project Manager, Consultant, and Writer in Austin, Texas

Product Manager, Tableau master, SQL expert, Management Trainee , CRM specialist, Editor, Marketer, Operator. My next step is becoming a ProductMarketing Manager. If I write a book about my life someday, I might name it "Break to Create".

“Never Feel Fear about Difficulties”. In summer camp, 3 kids and I were lost while chasing a weasel. We couldn’t find our way back and 2 girls started to cry. To cheer them up, I told them that my father is Luke Skywalker and he sent me here to search for treasures with three real warriors. I showed them my flashlight and told them this is light saber. They stop crying, followed me, walking along a river, and called me Skywalker Junior. Finally, we found our teacher before dark. That year, I was 6.

"Be Curious of the World". To broaden my horizon, I traveled alone to 7 provinces in a month and a half after graduated from middle school. That year, I was 15.

“Never Surrender to Misfortune”. My right forearm was broken in a car accident. Doctor told me I was not allowed to use my right hand for 2 month. In order not to lose my chance to the National Essay Contest, I learned how to write by my left hand. 1 month later, I attended the contest and won first prize. That year, I was 18.

"Treat the world with love". I set up an animal shelter for stray dogs and cats in my community. Some of my childhood friends and their parents join and help. That year, I was 19.

“Experiencing Happiness in Helping Others”. To help students who plan to start their own business, I set up an entrepreneurship club, invite entrepreneurs and organize lectures. That year, I was 20.

“Never say impossible”. One time, 17 companies in Fengtai District rejected my group’s commercial activity plan without a glance at it. They said that we were too young to offer effective business advices. As a group leader, I didn’t apply for district change. I changed my method by visiting well-known scholars who have close relationship with Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce. I’ve visited 9 experts in one week and got several advices from them. Some experts recommended my group and our plan to a government officer and CEO of Wanping Chen Yi C&A Center Co., Ltd. With their help, our group successfully held a commercial activity. That year, I was 22.

I only have a limited number of words here. Feel free to connect me through Facebook or LinkedIn. I'd love to chat with you about work, life or anything interests you.

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