Simo Bean

Simo Bean

What Is Simo Bean?

Simo Bean is a company that manufactures and sells a safe, 100% natural weight loss supplement for consumers around the world.

Our most popular product is our Green Coffee Bean Extract 800™ (with GCA®). It helps people lose weight easily without changing their daily diet or exercise regime. Just 2 capsules a day 30 minutes before a meal. That's it.

Why Does It Work So Well?

What makes Simo Bean so effective is the green (unroasted) coffee beans. These natural coffee beans, in their 100% natural and pure form, have shown to contain Chlorogenic Acid, which is a highly fat-burning, anti-oxidant component that occurs naturally in the coffee bean. However when you roast the coffee beans at 475 degrees farenheit (that is btw. where the dark color comes from), they lose 90% of this fat-burning Chlorogenic Acid!

But what makes Simo Bean so powerful is that we created a DOUBLE-STRENGTH (compared to most products out there), 800mg capsule that contains a very high-level of (50%) standardized Chlorogenic Acid (GCA®).

We even guarantee customers will see results or we'll immediately issue a full refund!

What Are People Who Have Taken Green Coffee Extract GCA® Saying?

These stories are REAL reviews posted online by previous users of similar Green Coffee Extract 800 (with GCA®).

ISABEL Lost 15LBS in 2 months.

"I have been using this product for about 2 months now I have no side effects at all and I have lost close to 15 pounds, great product."

MISTY Lost 1-2LBS a week.

"After about 2-3 weeks of use, I was astonished to discover it actually works! I have continued to use it and to steadily lose 1-2 pounds a week without changing anything else in my routine."

MIKE Lost 5LBS. in 3 weeks.

This stuff is the real deal. I've tried other weight loss pills and thermogenics and nothing has provided results quite like this. In 3 weeks of use I've lost 5 of the remaining 10 pounds I was looking to shed."